Fitzsimmons Insurance strives to be one of the remaining few small town, locally owned Insurance agencies in our area. Our goal is to always do the right thing, going back to our farming, old school upbringing, and christian morals. We treat all our customers like the close friends, neighbors, and family that they are. 

When you pull up to our office, you may find an old worn out farm truck parked out front, covered in mud, oil, and manure. We are farmers at heart, we raised livestock in the past, and are also continuing to grow not only our Insurance Business, but our farm as well. You may walk into our office and find Brandon covered in dirt and grease answering phone calls, and working with our clients, because he got called away from his work on the farm to handle things at the office. We understand the struggles of America’s farmers and ranchers and are here to help protect them and ease life’s uncertainties, that’s the FitzSimmons Insurance difference. 

It all started in 1987, just a few short years after the Agricultural economic collapse of the 80s. Times were tough out on the FitzSimmons Farm, and Marilyn knew she had to do something. Marilyn had interest in Insurance, and with the roll out of the new Federal Crop Insurance Program, she saw a light. 

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FitzSimmons Insurance was born. The original office was located on the back porch of the original FitzSimmons family homestead 5 miles west of Cunningham that dated back to around 1870. Marilyn worked the insurance business while also helping her husband and son run the farm. Eventually the business outgrew the home office and Marilyn found an office space in Cunningham located on old 54 highway, in the lower floor of one of the local hotels. Marilyn and her staff stayed in that location for a few years when she upgraded to an office building next door to our current location. Business continued to grow, and with help from her husband, family, and many friends, they remodeled the old hardware store building that was next door, and moved into the current location at 116 N Main street in Cunningham. The current location opened in the early 2000s. All 3 of the former office locations, including the family homestead, are no longer standing. However, our current location is here to stay. 

Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency​In 2011 Marilyn’s daughter, Leann, joined her mom in the business, and helped her continue to grow it. 

With Marilyn wanting to semi-retire in 2019, Leann’s son Brandon Joined the business. Brandon had been working for several local farmers over the past few years and was seeking a career change. 

Currently, Marilyn oversees the business from the comfort of her recliner, offering her helpful wisdom and advice that only comes with years of experience in the insurance and farming industry. Leann oversees the day to day operations of our office, with Brandon working closely with our agricultural customers, America’s farmers and ranchers. 

With over 25 different companies to place your insurance with, we have the ability to find you the best coverage to protect not only yourself, but your family and your farm.

If you’re interested in how we can protect you, your family, and your business, click the “get a quote” button, call our office at 620-298-5291, or stop by, we might just have a hot cup of coffee and some candy available for you while we discuss your options.