When you pull up to our office at Cunningham KS Insurance Agency, you will probably find a worn-out farm truck parked outside. This truck will probably be covered in mud, oil, and maneuver. We are farmers at heart, we raise livestock, and we are also continuing to grow not only our insurance business, but our firm as well. When you first walked into her office, you will probably find Brandon covered in dirt and grease. This is because he probably got a call and got pulled away from his work on the farm just to handle things at the office. We understand the struggles of American ranchers and farmers and are able to help protect them and ease lights and certainties, because we are them.

We started Cunningham KS Insurance Agency in 1987. Just a few short years after the agricultural economic collapse of the 80s. Times are tough out on the farm, but we knew we had to do something. Our founder, Marilyn, had interest in insurance. And with the rollout of the new federal crop insurance program, she saw light. Fitzsimmons insurance is born. Currently, Marilyn oversees the business from the comfort of her recliner. Often offering her helpful wisdom and advice that only comes with years of experience in the insurance and farming industry.

Before Marilyn retired from Cunningham KS Insurance Agency, she is semiretired in 2019. Before that, in 2011, Marilyn’s daughter, Leann, joined her mom in the business. Between the two of them, they were able to grow Fitzsimmons insurance into a prosperous business. Leann’s son Brandon joined the business next. Brandon has been working for several local farmers over the past two years and was seeking a career change. Leann oversees the day-to-day operation of our office, with Brandon working closely with our agricultural customers, Americans farmers and ranchers.

Now is talk about our locations. First and foremost, our Ground Zero, the back porch of the original Fitzsimmons family homestead. Eventually, the business outgrew the home office and Marilyn found that office space and Cunningham located on old 54 highway. This is in the lower floors of the local hotels. Marilyn and her staff stayed in location for a few years, and then she upgraded to the office building next door to our current location. Business continue to grow, and with the help of her husband, family, and many friends, they remodeled the old hardware store building that is next-door, and moved into our current location. The current location open in the early 2000. Our current location is here to stay.

If you are interested in how we can protect you, your family, and your business, go online to our website fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com and clicking the “button. We can call our office at 620-298-5291 or our Toll Free: 800-536-5291, or stop by. We might just have some candy available as well the hot cup of coffee for you what we discuss your options. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. We are always more than happy to help.

Cunningham KS Insurance Agency

When you think of the leading insurance provider, you should think of Cunningham KS Insurance Agency. We have a long and proud history of serving south-central Kansas and surrounding states since 1987. We have been serving our community by providing protection for farms and crops. As well as providing protection for home, life, commercial, and auto insurance. And to continue growing and being the best provider around, we have extended our services to Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. But no matter which policy you choose, we can guarantee that your plan will be fully customizable to fit you, your family, your farm, and your business needs.

Let’s specifically talk about our crop and farm insurance policies that we provide at Cunningham KS Insurance Agency. From general liability, equipment, livestock, auto, and crops, we can ensure it all. We offer insurance for all aspects of your farming operation. Whether you’re looking for coverage for liability, buildings, or equipment, to you protecting your hired help in the event of an accident, we have you covered. Looking for coverage of your farm trucks? We can get the protected. From your semi-truck, all the way to your pickup, or anything in between, we can take care of all your auto needs. We also provide a workers compensation specifically for farmers and their hired help.

By being a second-generation Cunningham KS Insurance Agency, and with all generations active in agricultural and overall way of life, you can rest assured nine that we have you covered we understand the struggles of farmers and ranchers in Kansas, as well as nationwide, because it’s not just your struggles, pliers. Fitzsimmons insurance agency has been your leading local small-town independent insurance agencies since 1987 and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our agents grew up on the family farm outside Cunningham, so we understand what’s most important to you, because it’s what’s most important to us.

From green to cattle, cars to tractors, a million-dollar workshop to a small house, to a large manufacturing company all the way to a small home-based business, we have the experience necessary to protect you and your assets. We also have access to over 25+ insurance providers to provide our insured with the best possible rates. And if you find competition that has better rates than us, we will not just match it, but we will be that price we understand the many struggles of living in a rural agricultural area, as we also look at life. That’s what really separates us from other independent agencies. You will not find another agency that has the same life experiences as we do.

Please feel free to reach out to us so we can start you down the journey of getting properly covered and insured. We are always more than happy to help, so please will be to reach out to us anytime regarding any questions, comments, or concerns. You can either find out all of her information more on our website fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com, or stop on in, or even give us a call today at 620-298-5291 or our Toll Free: 800-536-5291.