When you’re searching for a Cunningham KS Insurance Agency, choose Fitzsimmons insurance. The insurance world is vast and daunting. We’re here to help guide you through the entire process and to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. All of our plans are fully customizable to each and every one of our clients. That means you are only getting what you need, but nothing that you don’t. You don’t have to worry about us trying to upsell you on a policy just to make a quick buck. We understand your needs, because we are just like you. Our community’s greatest needs, is our greatest needs.

If you’re looking for bonds, Cunningham KS Insurance Agency has you covered. Do you need a bond to complete a project? How about a notary bond? Will you don’t need to look any further, we have the options to cover you. Also, our commercial insurance has a specific policy to help all of our professionals, the professional liability. This protects you in the event of a mistake or miscalculation as you practice you are profession. With this, you can practice your profession in confidence knowing that no matter what, you are covered. Medical malpractice and errors and omissions are two types of professional liability that we offer.

We have multiple policies at Cunningham KS Insurance Agency to help get you in compliance with state laws. One of our biggest policies like this is our workers compensation. Not only is this required by state, but it is often required by various customers. Within this policy, it protects your employee if they are injured on the job site. We also offer a workers compensation under our farm and crop insurance. Specifically with this, this workers compensation protects your hired help in the event of an accident. Regardless of what’s instance you were getting it, it’s better to have it before you actually need it.

The weather, the market, and our culture are constantly changing. We are here to help make these trying times a little bit simpler and easier. Specifically, when it comes to crop and forage, we offered the federal MPCI insurance program and crop health for all eligible crops in your area. We also offer two different area base rainfall insurance plans to help you overcome issues that arise from dry years and with pastors and forage crops. You don’t have to worry. You have many different types of policies available to help protect you, your family, your livestock, your equipment, and everything in between.

A personal umbrella is also provided to help fill in the gaps to all of your liability insurances to make sure that no matter what, you are covered. No matter what your insurance needs may be, we can get you covered. You can give us a call today at 620-298-5291 or our Toll Free: 800-536-5291, we can come by for a chat with some coffee and candy. We can go to our website fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com at any time. Also online, you can schedule your free quote, find all of our information, our services, and so much more.

Cunningham KS Insurance Agency

With over 25 different companies to place your insurance with, Cunningham KS Insurance Agency has the ability to find the best coverage to protects not only yourself, your family and your farm. If you are interested in how we can protect you, your family, and your business, go online to our website and click the get a quote but. Or you can call our office, or stop by. We might even just have a hot cup of coffee and some candy available to you while we discuss your options. We are one farm family here to protect another. They don’t have to worry about price, will not only match any competitors pricing, we will beat it. This is how we are able to provide you with the best service, at the best rates.

When you pull to our office at Cunningham KS Insurance Agency, you will probably find an old worn-out farm truck parked out front, covered in mud, oil, and manure. We are farmers at heart. Which is the main reason why we have one of the best farm and crop insurance policies around. We offer insurance for all aspects of your farming operation. From general liability, equipment, auto, livestock, and crops. No matter what, we can ensure for you. Now let’s talk about our agri-pack policy. This policy provides coverage for liability, buildings, and equipment. So no matter what, your homestead and equipment will be protected. We also offer specific policies regarding forage, crop, and livestock. So matter what life throws at us, we have you covered. We also offer plans to protect your hired help in the event of an accident.

We have over 25 that we can write with. Cunningham KS Insurance Agency. Plus, we have access to multiple large brokerages for those hard to place risk. So no matter what type of business you have, no matter what industry, we can get you protected. Construction, farming, trucking, manufacturing, hair salons, restaurants, and everything in between. We have the ability and experience is necessary to get you fully covered so you know have to worry. We also do bonds! Whether you need it for a notary bond, or bond to complete a project, we have options to cover you. No matter what your commercial insurance needs are, choose Fitzsimmons insurance so you will have peace of mind knowing that no matter what, your business and you are protected.

You work hard for your things, but let us work harder to protect all of your assets. With our personal and life insurance, we offer insurance to protect your family from mother nature, unexpected death, and worst of all, lawyers. In a matter what insurance you get, we will also provide a personal umbrella so that all of your gaps in your other liability insurances are covered. You should be able to relax and enjoy the toys you have brought into your life. From homes, auto, RV, ATV, to even motorcycles, we provide coverage for you as well as liability coverage.

Fitzsimmons insurance has many different types of policies available to help protect you and your family. And we are always more than happy to help with any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have. You can give us a call today at 620-298-5291 or our Toll Free: 800-536-5291, or check us out at a time on online website fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com.