At Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS, we were founded onthe principal of understanding the struggles of farmers and ranchers. we know that a great many people, especially our customers rely on some sort ofautomobile. to be able to have the opportunity tohave that automobile protected isour greatest responsibility and we treat that responsibility and the greatest sense of the word. at Fitzsimmons insurance, we can get things done and pay attention to the details when it comes toprotecting what is yours. We offer many plans when it comes to protecting what is yours. whether it be farm trucks, a pickup or semi, we are going to have you covered and spend the greatest amount of detail with the greatest sense of duty to make sure that what you have is protected in any circumstance.

Commercial auto insurance covers many different costs, especially here at Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS. These can be helpful in owning a business where a majority of the time you are utilizing some sort of machinery that is an automobile. It would cover theft and vandalism and other types of damage. we here at Fitzsimmons understand that anything can happen and we want to be there to offer you assistance in coverage when things go wrong. we understand thatfor our customers that are farmers, utilizing farm trucks, pickups and such is incredibly important and the bread-and-butter of their company. und understanding, we wish to provide our customers our own reliable and hard-working personal attention to them when things go wrong.

we also offer ATV insurance here at Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS. All-terrain vehicles are off highway vehicles and for people who are enjoying their ATV, going off roading, we offer our personalized and customizable insurance packages to help protect them in the event that something goes wrong and you want to be able to protect your ATV when things happen, which we here at Fitz Simmons understand can happen, and we are here to personally help you with our dedicated customer support that we pride ourselves on.

Also, a great insurance coverage that we offer includes our coverage for RVs. For our customers that are living on the road, we offer a great package that gives you the chance to protect against any unforeseen accidents to your RV.many of our customers move on the roadand we understand that if anything were to happen to our customers RV, thentheir life would bein jeopardyand we here at Fitzsimmons Drive to protect against that. so if you would like to protect your RV, then you can look into our packages that range from property coverage and liability coverage. This includes any RV of any size.

Fitz Simmons can be vistied in many different ways. if you would like to reach us, then you can reach out to us by going to our website This has Many different kinds of content, such as what our mission is, how we grow and help our customers grow and their businesses big or small. it also includes our phone number, which you can reach us at 620-298-5291.

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Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS has been founded on the principal that ranchers farmers are to be taken care of,but we have also expanded to support virtually any industry of any kind. from trucking to restaurants, and farming to hair salons, we can cover it all in every shape and sizewith our customizable and reliable packages that we offer for our love and supported customers. in every single business, many different threats and circumstances arise that each comapny is going to want to protect themselves against ranging from liability claims, accidents and lawsuits. This is our expertise in how we offer protection against it to show that we care and want you to succeed.

In these unforseen instances where anything can arise, fitz simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS commercial general liability insurance covers each business with protection. policy that protects your business should you ever be in a situation where you can experience financial loss from liability claims which range from property damage to and injury to a customer. with our commercial general liability insurance, we sent to make things right so that we can lessen the impact to you and your business. In the event of bodily harm, which can range from physical injurious to mental injuries involving distress or trauma, they can be covered through this package. Not only that, but we also protect against lawsuits ranging from libel and slander to wrongful eviction.

in the event of an accident and an injury to a person who is not an employee at your establishment occurs, fitz simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS has general liability insurance that can cover medical payments for any injuries sustained to that nonemployee. we understand that things can happen in a professional environment to anybody whether they be an employee or not , we handle this in the most professional end diligent manner so that everyone and both parties have a clear understanding of the situation in that they are taking care of and that things will be set right .

we also include professional liability insurance that protects professionals against negligence claims from their clients. the two different types professional liability that we offer are medical malpractice and errors and omissions . a medical malpractice policy are often held by physicians and nurses and other types of medical professionals and are used to protect themselves in case their claims of injury and medical negligence. we also offer errorswe also offer errors and, this is frequently held by advice giving professions such as lawyers , financial advisors, and consultants .

Fits Simmons looks forward to any business that you give us and we look forward to working with you. we have a website that has all the necessary information and all the plans that we offer, as well as our mission and what we support and how we grew. you can reach our website at and if you would like to call us to get a quoteor to find out more information than you can reach out to us at 620-298-5291.