We here at insurance agency Cunningham KS are only a call or a click away. Our company understands the busy hustle of daily life and are here to work with you and your schedule to help provide you with the best insurance plans and rates arounds. We understand that life has its good times and it hardships. Our job is to take care of you during the good times, that way it’s not hard during the hard times. Whether rain or shine, it’s always a good time to contact us at insurance agency Cunningham KS.

Insurance agency Cunningham KS provides the best rates and policies starting with farm and crop insurance, personal and life insurance, and all the way up to commercial insurance. Whether you’re contacting us for our liability solutions for your business, or you just got a shiny new ATV that you want to take out safely, or reviewing if you need new commercial auto insurance, we have something for you. It’s never too late, or early, to find which insurance works best for you and your lifestyle.

We started insurance agency Cunningham Kansas City out of the back porch of the family farmhouse back in 1987. We have a rich history in the agricultural and rural way of life and understand how fast pace and hectic daily life be. We are here to get you started on the right insurance path before you actually need it. With that being said, we are also here when you need us most. When you’re in the middle of any situation, the last things to worry about is whether or not you have the right insurance. And if you do find that you do not have insurance, we will gladly get you started on the right path with the right plan.

What is the best time to contact us? How about right now! Tomorrow? We can absolutely do that. We are here to work with you to get you what you need, when you decide. Whether you decide to call us, or look on our website and books your free quote today, there is no time pressure on you. You can take your time and go through our insurance policies either by yourself or even one of our agents, we are always here to help the process no matter how questions. You, as our customer, have absolute control over how fast, or slow, the process goes so you have full confidence with the policies you are selecting.

Our team is here to help you when you are ready. You can call us today at 620-298-5291 or reach out to us at fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com at any time. We will happily discuss all of our insurance policies whether you need liability, workers comp, farm property insurance, life insurance, or simply just need to update your own policies. We here at insurance agency Cunningham KS are here for you as we are one farm family protecting another. It’s never a bad time to reach out to talk insurance with us, update insurance, or to simply just ask about new policies or even old ones. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the most confident version of you. We work hard so you can play hard.

Insurance agency Cunningham KS

We are not just some small town insurance provider, we are insurance agency Cunningham KS. Yes, we do provide the feel of a hometown insurance agency, but with the benefits of big-city coverage. Does this make your experience any less personal? Absolutely not. We are here for you because we are one farm family protecting another. We are the leading insurance provider serving the south-central Kansas and surrounding states and 1987. We may be a hometown feel, but we have access to over 25+ insurance providers to provide our insured with the best possible rates. Our agents grew up on the family farm outside Cunningham, so we understand what is most important to you, because we are you.

How big of a reach does insurance agency Cunningham KS have? Well that’s a good question. We started serving south-central Kansas and the surrounding states in 1987. Since then, we have extended our services not only to Oklahoma, but Missouri AND Colorado. We are able to not only provide service for this big of a range, but also a very personalized experience for each and every customer because that’s what you deserve.

Whether you’re reaching out to us at insurance agency Cunningham KS with liability questions, to federal multi-peril and pasture policy, or generalized life insurance, we are here for you. Unlike other insurance agencies, we are here to find the best policies and rates for YOU. You can be a farmer on your tractor in the middle of your field, or a CEO who is in the middle of the city and getting workers comp, we are here for you. From hometown to big-city, we are the best insurance provider for you as we will find the best deals for you. Regardless of location, we will provide a free quote for you today.

We have a long history of serving this area by providing protection for farms and crops as well as providing home, auto, life and commercial insurance. Our service is guaranteed across all of our locations. Starting back on the back porch of the family farmhouse, we are a second-generation agency, with all generations active in agriculture and the rural way of life. We understand the struggles of farmers and ranchers in Kansas, as well as nationwide .

We pride ourselves on being a family run business in the heart of America. We understand here at insurance agency Cunningham KS the importance of opportunity to get the best insurance policies to cover you and your loved ones from life’s good times and to even the bad times. At the end of the day, we are one family helping provide insurance for families across Central North America. Go ahead and stop on by, reach out online at fitzsimmonsinsuranceks.com, or even give us a call 620-298-5291 anytime. We look forward to working with you by providing you with the best policies and insurance that you need in your daily life. This is a guarantee from one farm family, to another.