at Insurance Agency Cunningham KS we pride ourselves on getting things done and offering our customers the best and most efficient insurances that are customizable to you, making sure that each and every single one of our customers are taking care of and the best and most quality – driven way. from our strong-willed, positive and Christ driven company we offer a transparent and loving experience that offers our customers services that help does ranging from small to large businesses, protecting their assets such asautomobiles such as cars, tractors, pickups and such . We also offer life insurance plans as we understand that unforeseen circumstances and accidents can happen, and we want to provide our customers the same loving care we fill each and every one of our customers deserves.

What Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS feel is very important and helpful for our customers is the opportunity to provide themwith certain insurances that can play a factor in the success and growing and maintaining their businesses that theyhave started. One of these types of insurances that we offer is commercial auto insurance which is a pivotal plan that helps the company in many different ways. one way that it helps is offering themthe chance to protect the automobiles that our business owners Drive on the job such as auto liability which is if something happens on the job that causes damage to your vehicle, we can promise that you will be protected and treated withthe best and trustworthy carethat we feel you deserve. we promise to treat you with dignity without loving and patient staff. we also offer medical payments thatin the event of something happening on the job, you can rest assured that medical bills will be taking care of related to the accidents.

Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS also understand that farmers are the heart and soul of our Insurance Agency Cunningham KS and that their services must be protected, we offer multiple peril crop insurance, better known as MPCI. multiple peril crop insurance covers crop losses involving lower yields caused by mother nature which can include destr destructive, flood flooding, insect, fires and such. we offer this type of insurance for eligible crops and eligible areas. MPCI As a highly popular insurance for farmers, as 90% opt in for MPCI. if you are in need of a different insurance and look no further to our crop – hail insurance, this insurance plan is a popular coverage as a supplement to MPCI that most farmers opt in for to protect against hail damage.

Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS also understand that are customers are from rural areas and a high portion of our customers are farmers and that farmers require other sorts of insurance to protect against damage to their vehicles and their crops, but also we understand that they require insurance to protect their livestock, which is an important factor and our customers day to day professional lives.

if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us as we are always there to help you in a kind, warm, and loyal sense of way. you can reach out to our website or give us a call it 620-298-5291. we look forward toproviding you with the best sense of diligent care that we can offer.

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Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS prides itself on making a difference in setting itself apart from other insurance companies by providing you with the most transparent and hard-working sense of duty that we feel is what truly matters to our customers and what can make the biggest difference. What sets us apart from ourcompetitors is that will be have an understanding and sense of empathy with each and every single one of our customers that through their day-to-day lives dealwithliving in a rural community growing their businesses from day one and on. We understand what is important and our customers our greatest personal asset that we are very eager to help whenever needed. from having over 25 different insurance providers, providing you with the best rates, we are here to help you in every way possible.

at Fitz simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS, we understand that what makes a business are the people that work for them, and we have a sense of duty and responsibility to each and every single one of them. the ways that we help them from day to day is being able to offer them with coverage that if anything were to happen in any unforeseen circumstance, we would be able to help them andthe designated way. our company is able to empathize with the need of way is there to protect you. we offer a life insurance package and have many different types to be able to protect you or anyone in your family in case anything were to happen, whether or not you have a family.

if you are looking for coverage with the good rate for any automotive insurance coverage, look no further then are coverage from Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS that provides you with protection for your ATV, RV, or motorcycle. nothing feels better than being able tounwinds knowing that your assets on the road are insured at all times. Nothing is better than feeling that sense of protection for our customers well-being and their belongings.

we understand that for were liability coverage, we have a personal policy known as an umbrella policy. this ad extra coverage over your standard auto insurance that we also offer, as well as expanding on our homeowners insurance. umbrella policies are great for businesses because they provide protection to you and your family or your business against major liability claims. if anything were to happen in an accident and umbrella coverage is a good complement towards your business because it covers the excess amount.

please let us know If you have any questions or concerns because we are always there and understand that whenever you need support or protection, we always want the chance to prove that we will have your back in any way, shape, or form. if you want to learn more about our company, then look no further to our website that explains what our company culture is, and how to contact us, and other inquiries, please reach us at if you would also lik Ito call us, then you can reach us at 620-298-5291. we look forward to doing business with you andhaving the opportunity to see your business grow and be protected for the days to come.