since 1987, Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency KS has been the Insurance Agency Cunningham KS for your needs when it comes to the rural way of life, protecting farmers, small business owners to large business owners alike. We only strive to achieve the best experience for our customers, treating them like friends and family. after the agricultural economic collapse of the 1980s, FitzSimmons Farm started from the back porch knowing that they had the responsibility to give hard-working small business owners and large business owners the best experience when it comes to to protecting their assets. ever since 1987 our services have expanded to major states and the expanding areas such as Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. you can expect your experience to be personal as our business started from the back porch 5 miles west of Cunningham and has expanded to an office space andCunningham located on the old 54 Highway.

Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS for services such as corn crop insurance which protects your farming operations such as vehicles like tractors and trucks, protecting your livestock equipment, crops, we protect it all with the best care that you require. when it comes the insurance, we strive to give you the best experience not only protecting your equipment vehicles and and, but we also protect your livestock and offerworkers plan such as workers compensation which is protection in case something were to happen to those on-the-job. you Yn count on us, as we are reliable and we will handle all of your assets with love and care as we understand that it is important and those that we work with in their day-to-day livesrunning their companies, from smalla large, we have are genuine desire to help you grow as a business, making sure all of your assets are handled by thoselike us that are dedicated and eager to help,loyal and hard-working and trustworthy.

Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS understands that your assets need to be protected, and we want to do that as well as protecting your family from certain events. we pride ourselves with working with homeowners, providing them with coverage for their belongings, offering them liability and ensuring their homes. we are passionate and professional when it comes to protecting your assets and your workersin the event that something happens.

Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS also offer insurancefor any sizable in any industry. including trucking, farming, construction, restaurants and everything else. services that we offer include commercial general liability, protecting you and your hard growing business against lawsuits and other unforeseen incidences . we also offer commercial auto which coverage for your vehicles on-the-job no matter what industry. we also offer services such as professional liability, which helps youin times as you practice your profession. one more service that we offer will be bonds such as notary bonds.

if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us as we have a website that you can visit if you need to call us reach out to us using our phone number 620-298-5291. as hard-working and consistent as we are, we want to give each and every single one of our customers the best experience there are courteous and Christ driven company that we have built serveand give you what you need for your company.

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Insurance Agency Cunningham KS will get things done, as we have been thebest experience for our customers and providing them with the best care with our helpful and hard-working teamwork providing them with services that help them build their business and protect them for years to come, providing them with services such as liability, Worker’s Compensation, life insurance auto insurancehome insurance commercial auto insuranceand other servicesthat help make an impactdrive businesses to success.

if you want the best experience when it comes to farm and crop insurance, look no further then Fitz Simmons Insurance Agency Cunningham KS, with our friendly and professional staff we will give youthe mostpersonal and diligent care, protecting equipment such as farm trucks, pickups, semi’s, no matter what we have you covered with our commercial auto insurance. we also offer services such as protection for your livestock, making sure thatyour livestock is protected and events of unforeseen circumstances from mother nature. not onlylivestock, but we also protect your crops using our federal MPCI program that protects your eligible crops in your area. also we offer protection against your forage in case you come across problems that arise in dry years.

that is not all that we offer. Insurance Agency Cunningham KS also offers the opportunity for kind and patient staff to protect the most importantpart of any company, your workers. with insurances such as homeowners insurance we provide coverage for your belongings and for your home in case of disaster. other auto insurance we offer our treasured customers the opportunity to protect their automobiles in case of an accident ranging from providing coverage for your ATVs, motorcycles, RVs, we only want to ofwe only want to.when it comes to your staff, you can be assuredthat they are insured with are many different types of policies available in life insurances that help protect you and your loved ones.

we are dedicated and offering each and every one of our customers company’s the opportunity to protect every single one of them in any unforeseen accident, circumstance, problem, disaster with our kind and helpful staff. something were to happen we offer workers compensationthat protects those on-the-job in case something were to happen, such as being injured on the job. we offer commercial general liability to protect our customers businessesin case something were to happen. also in an apartment policy that we offer is professional liability which offers our customers the opportunity to protect against claims of negligencefrom clients and such . professional liability protects businesses from difficult situations such as accusations of negligence copyright personal injury and such . we understand that things happen and we are here to help with our friendly and professional staff . We promise to do everything right and approach each situation with an understanding and caring sense of duty.

if you have any questions or concerns, we have a website that you can reach, that has all of our information. You can reach us at we also have a number, That is also available on the website, where you can reach us at 620-298-5291. we look forward to adding you to our family where we will give you the best and most reasonable and consistent experience. we will give you the best results with a clear goal in mind, which isto serve you and make sure that you and your business growevery step and every day.